Escape game The Trickster

Company: Challenge Chambers


Al Wahda - Hazza Bin Zayed St - Old Airport Rd - Abu Dhabi ()

+971 2 445 2522

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One of the World’s most mysterious and mind-boggling Magician known as ”The Trickster” is looking to hire an apprentice.

The standards are very high and only the best of the best can make it.

You are an aspiring Illusionist. Your dream is to meet The Trickster. Becoming the apprentice would be beyond your wildest imagination! But - it is not as easy feast.

Your challenge? One hour to figure your way out of The Trickster’s Lair. Accomplishing this would mean the greatest award of all – The Apprenticeship.

You have received the invitation to prove your worth. Can you solve the Puzzles & Tricks within the given Hour?

Let’s see if you really are the best!

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