Escape game CSI & The Mystery Challenge

Company: Challenge Chambers


Al Wahda - Hazza Bin Zayed St - Old Airport Rd - Abu Dhabi ()

+971 2 445 2522

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CSI: A woman was killed in her office. CSI department has received intel that another murder is going to happen within one hour and it might be linked to this murder. You have one hour to solve this murder and save an innocent life!

Mystery Challenge: Amna Ziad, a successful Investment Banker was found dead in her office. Police investigation revealed a suicide note on his desk thus Amna’s death was ruled as a Suicide. Amna was your sister. You knew Amna very well and cannot imagine that she could commit suicide. Now it is up to you to unravel the Truth!

You have ONE HOUR as the Police Alarm will trigger as soon as you enter the office!

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